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Terms & Conditions

  1. Final numbers must be confirmed 14 days prior to the event

  2. A 3x3m level area is required to set-up & operate the hog roast. Please ensure this area is only to be used for the preparation & cooking of the hog.

  3. The machine is 1m wide & approximately 2m long so sufficient space is required for access. If we cannot pull up directly next to where we are setting up please advise prior to booking if there are any issues with access such as steps/stairs, corners or a long walk. If you fail to inform us of any issues with access & there is nowhere suitable/safe for us to set-up you will be liable for the full costs even if we cannot cook.

  4. Please note that the machine is a hog roast oven & NOT a spit roast. The pig cooks within the oven & this provides better results & a quicker cooking time. If you want to see an image of the machine please ask.

  5. Final payment to be made 1 week in advance of the event at the latest

  6. Deposit payment is non-refundable. Cancellation within 3 months of event is subject to 50% payment of agreed fee. Cancellation within 1 month of the event is subject to 80% payment of agreed fee. Cancellation within 8 days of event is subject to 100% payment.

  7. For bookings more than 6 months in advance. Price is subject to change should our operational costs increase. We will do our best to honour the price quoted, but if circumstances beyond our control deem it necessary then we will give you fair warning of this. Should you be unhappy with this, deposit can be refunded.

  8. We will endeavour to serve the package exactly as chosen, but in some instances such as supplier issues, this will not be possible & we will serve a suitable replacement item.

  9. All reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of people in the cooking area, however Harold’s Hog Roast are not liable for any damage to any property, accidents or injury incurred to anyone in the cooking area.

  10. Please be sure to advise us of any dietary requirements. Vegetarians, vegans, allergies & intolerances can all be catered for if we have prior notice.

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